On the 14th of January at 6PM we are opening TYPA’s residency artist Liis Ring’s exhibition “the tangible present”. At the opening, Underground Forest will perform experimental live music.

“the tangible present” is an exhibition about a healing process and a restoration through the practice of being present. it is both an atonement, a gapfiller and a bridge between the past and the present, utopia and reality.

When Liis Ring, artist in residence at TYPA, found herself walking the streets of her previous hometown again after a long time abroad, she expected a warm welcoming sensation of nostalgia. instead, she was submerged by countless memories that did not correspond to her present-day self. the huge gap between the present moment and the past and filling it with new meaning became the driving force behind this exhibition.

Walks, observations, writings; capturing moments through the camera eye, gathering organic material and then processing all those experiences into something tangible through using different analogue mediums helped the artist to reestablish a relationship to Tartu, make it hers again.

Liis Ring defines herself as a musician, (sound) artist, photographer, observer and wanderer who divides her life between the west coast of Sweden and southeast corner of Estonia. Her works are often site-specific, questioning notions of time, place, language, belonging and home. Her works, no matter the medium, often rely on different analogue techniques, with an emphasis on the relations between material and motif, the present and the past. ‌

Liis has a BFA in music production (2017) and photography (2023) from University of Gothenburg.

Exhibition is opened from 14.01.24 – 03.03.2024 in Balcony Gallery.

Balcony Gallery is open Wed-Sun 12PM – 6PM. Visiting the exhibition is free.

The exhibition is funded by the Nordic-Baltic Mobility Programme for Culture.

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