On the 20th of July at 6PM we invite you to the opening of Ananya Dalal’s exhibition ‘I ME & MINE’ in the Aparaaditehas balcony gallery. Ananya Dalal is an Indian artist who was an artist in residency at TYPA from June to July 2023.

“Being at the peak of advancement still could we be the happiest of all?

Doesn’t matter how much we get, the next moment we ask for more. (In this process are we loosing ourselves?)



Blinded by Love

As the very nature of human desire is ever expanding, it can transform into a perennial crisis, full of agony.

These desires of us are deeply conditioned by our own identities. The way we identify ourselves isn’t the same way we desire?

My works are an enquiry to an isolation that extreme dependency on tech has gifted us.

Limitless globalisation has created such a standardised culture that gradually makes us lose our originalities in every way possible.

We are stuck in such a situation where we have everything but gradually becoming distant from life.

We keep on desiring & acquiring to an extent that we can’t stop. At the moment we can’t really identify What is Me and What is Mine. The elements of human desires may change depending on race, gender and geographical situations but the common thread remains the same.”

Exhibition is open from 20.07.2023 – 03.09.2023 in Balcony Gallery (Aparaaditehase rõdugalerii).

Visiting the exhibition is free.

The Balcony Gallery (rõdugalerii) is located above the Aparaat restaurant. The gallery can be accessed from door no. 7 both through the Fahrenheit 451 book room and directly from the second floor.

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