Shadow Workings charts Lara’s navigation of her experience with home as an in-between, liminal place. A multi-disciplinary artist, Lara has arrived at shadows as a visual articulation of this ungraspable relationship, a sense of place that is as much distant as it is present. As the shadow of a tree drapes softly over a building, transforms it, becomes it; these separate entities merge whilst remaining apart. Cyanotype is an evolution of the shadow play, a way to harness the shadows the papercuts create. The results are physical, tangible, almost ghost-like versions of Lara’s original cuttings.

“The play of shadows is more than an optical matter. It speaks to our vision of the self, to our constant labour of identity-making. Shadows are transformative presences that allow us to discover the other side of ourselves. They are the membrane that separates us from the world of darkness. Separating day and night, blackness and light, they offer a renewed way of looking at the world” Paolo S.H Favero

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