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Apteh festival is happening again!

During the Aparaaditehase Festival a lot of fun things are happening also in TYPA! NB! Some events require pre-registration and might be with an admission fee, so check the info from the schedule, choose your favourite or attend them all, and be ready to register if needed.

FRIDAY, August 27:

15:00 – 18:00 Lara Preiti’s Printmaking with plants

Come and explore natures endless shapes and textures whilst printmaking with plants. We will collect local foliage, create unique compositions and then stamp our designs onto paper; capturing nature’s beauty through a direct and simple process. All ages welcome! Free admission.

18:00 – 22:00 Galleries Night

As a tradition, the galleries are open until late hours that night. In TYPA you can visit the joint exhibition of TYPA’s summer residents “Prints in Parallel”, try printmaking with plants with Lara, check out the modular origami that was created during Car Free Avenue and add your contribution to it, and in Aparaaditehase courtyard residency artist Katarina Jerenic will present her map that she created during an artist walk on Car Free Avenue. Free admission.

18:00 – 22:00 Giant Camera Portraits

Unique portraits made on the largest repro camera in Estonia are something special! Come and make unique photo of yourself or with friends, and we create beautiful cyanotype portraits of it. Admission fee 10 € per picture.

SATURDAY, August 28:

12:00 – 18:00 Curiosity Shop in Aparaaditehase courtyard

TYPA curiosity shop will sell interesting stuff – perhaps some stylish typewriter to decorate your bookshelf, a cool sign to add design touch to your room or something else fun. Who knows what you might find!

14:00 – 18:00 Manhole Cover Printing

We do it again – use manhole covers around TYPA to print great patterns onto t-shirts and bags. If needed, you can buy a t-shirt or a bag from us. Admission fee 15 € / 10 € (with own t-shirt or bag).

NB! Pre-registration needed! Write an email to and book a time.

During the events we will follow the rules and restrictions based on the general health situation.

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Linocut course

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Lettering – the Art of Drawing Letters

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Wow Print Lab: Free Typography Workshop

2 March 2023

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Estonian Independence Day at TYPA

10 February 2023

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Drink and Print – Valentines Day Special

3 February 2023

What could be a better way to spend some quality time with good friends or that special someone, than a…...

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Planner Factory

13 January 2023

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Ecological Darkroom developing with Joonas Ahtikallio I

12 January 2023

In this innovative, two part photography course, participants will explore the basics of plant-based analogue photography. You will learn the…...

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TYPA’s opening times during the holidays

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