TYPA ResidencyArtist in residence

Zsófia Sztranyák

Zsófia Sztranyák is a Hungarian artist with formal background in ethnography and graphic design, and passion in printmaking among others. She has participated in numerous group and solo exhibitions and events in Hungary, and has also showcased her works in Tallinn in 2015.

Her focus during the one month residency in Tartu will be the subtle influences that guide the way we make choices based on and about dualities. The artist herself describes her starting point:

“Our judgments and opinions are defined by either our relations or our fears. In a wider sense, our relations can mean our workplace, the place where we live, our friends who we meet on a daily basis and our family. Similarly, our fears in general can be connected to our prospects, our cost of living, our career (to be appreciated, rewarded), the pressure of being accepted, the publicity, the general opinion of the public about us; all of these determine who we are. But which one is stronger?”

To find an answer to this question, Zsófia wishes to interact with individuals from Tartu and see which dualities prompt them to choose one way or another. Initially she does not wish to limit herself by genre or topic, but let her interactions guide her, as she documents her interviews in photographs. Eventually she will come to a completely subjective outcome and format this as an exhibition.

For more information about Zsófia, please visit her homepage

Book design by Zsófia


Sound installation


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