TYPA ResidencyArtist in residence

28.10.2015 | 19.00 | Trükimuuseum (Kastani 42, Tartu)

Rodrigo Lebrun (UK/BR) is a critical designer/futurist with a professional background in social communication/advertising. During his time in Tartu, he set out to explore the dynamics at play in the making and remaking of Estonian national identity, which are those elements that are shared with other nations and those which are uniquely Estonian.

The result is a piece called ‘Tuleviku Ajavorm (‘Future Tense’), consisting of a collection of 4 short animations bringing together elements of research, conversations, and personal explorations that took place during the course of his residency in October.

The work is a visual commentary on the different formative aspects in the creation of an Estonian national consciousness. Each piece deals with tradition and modernity, threats and opportunities and the different grey areas in which they intermingle.

The animations will be projected in the Trükimuuseum where Rodrigo did parts of his research. Rodrigo would be interested in discussions, questions and the sharing of ideas afterward!

Rodrigo’s residency and exhibition have been made possible by the Tartu Artist in Residence program. For several years, artists from around the world have had the chance to live and work in Tartu, find new sources of inspiration and present their latest works to the local community. Since 2012, almost 50 artists have used this opportunity.

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