TYPA ResidencyArtist in residence

Ryo is a young painter and installation artist from Japan who is attending a three month residency from mid-April until mid-July. He has a master degree in fine arts from the Tokyo Zokei University. His artwork stands out with its unusual esthetic which is created by reducing the image to hand-drawn pixels. In a way, it’s something like Photoshop but instead of using a software program, Ryo interferes himself and acts as a program, working systematically and eliminating all personal emotion. Following a strict system, Ryo uses uniquely red, blue and yellow and always starts drawing from the upper left of the image, drawing each pixel one by one.

Ryo took interest in Tartu’s history and wishes to connect his artwork to this subject. He will create bridges between his artistic expression and Tartu’s historic elements. “Building bridges” is also the general theme of this year’s residency program.

He will be exhibiting artwork based on „Past records and memories“ in the middle of July. Everyone will also get a chance to learn more thoroughly about Ryo’s working methods, as he is planning to give an artist talk during the residency. In addition, he intends to be present at the gallery throughout the ten days of his exhibition.

You can get a clear view of Ryo’s artwork here:

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