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One month has passed and I didn’t have time to realize it! I guess that the two other months left will fly away while working at the printmaking studio with Kalju. I’m learning so much and most important thing is that I’m experimenting with new techniques. I think that the most beautiful thing here, at the Trükimuuseum, is the freedom of moving around, mess up with colors, and with all different kinds of presses and typefaces.

I’m absorbed in a world made of paper, ink and creativity. Of course I’m missing one thing that makes this place unique: friends! Ok Estonia is a cold country, most of the guides talk about Estonians as shy and introverted people, well I can tell that maybe they can seem a little shy, but as soon as they can help you or have a good chat with you, all this trace of shyness falls over!

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I have another two months ahead of me, and I’m really exited by the many activities that I’m going to do, for example I’ll spend the next days at the Ukrainian Cultural Center in Tallin, making paper and taking calligraphy courses!

I’ll keep you updated!

– Margherita Paoletti


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