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In May, we are hosting a Finnish printmaker and visual artist Jenni Viita. She is based in Järvenpää, Finland.

Jenni graduated from Saimaa University of Applied Sciences as Bachelor of Culture and Arts in 2017 and she spent her last semester in exchange at the Estonian Art Academy. That inspired Jenni to learn more about the neighbor country Estonia. In May Jenni will continue these studies in Tartu.

Jenni focuses on themes about moments, feelings and presence. The artistic approach is usually figurative or slightly abstract, giving the sense of human’s touch. Besides drawing with various mediums she usually works with reduction woodcut or lithography.

During the month-long residency Jenni plans to learn more about Estonian history. She’s interested in discussing about Estonian identity and independence with locals. Through the acquired information, she creates prints about shared feelings and topics that were discussed. This project is in honor to Estonia’s 100th year of Independence.

After the residency she is traveling to USA in mid-August to take part in Tamarind Printer Training Program to became a professional in lithography.

Jenni will share her experience in Tartu through Instastories. You can find her here:


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