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Artist-in-residence Domingo Pino opens his personal exhibition on the 18th of December. Entitled “Before the Absence”, this exhibition holds a series of works that respond to Domingo’s personal vision of Tartu and tries to represent spaces and situations that the artist has found somehow significant of an ephemeral reality.

During the creation of the artowrk, there has been the awareness that the elements depicted are part of a momentary experience. Each one represents the particular perception of a fragment of the present, and the whole of the exhibition aims to offer a wider vision of this particular environment, trying to dissolve the different categories among objects, scenarios, situations, people, animals, architecture, etc. as part of the same temporary habitat. Conscious of their finitude, in these works the artist tries to celebrate the value of their -humble- happening and his passage through them.

“Before the absence” is an attempt to capture the fleetingness of a present that will turn into absent, and transmute the artist’s exposure to small events and daily scenarios into another experience -also temporary- for a third party.

Opening: 18th of December at 6pm, at the gallery of Trükimuuseum
Exhibition is open until the 20th of January 2019

Domingo Pino:


Domingo Pino is in Tartu as part of the Tartu Artist in Residence program. The TAiR program is implemented by the Estonian Print and Paper Museum and financed by the City of Tartu, Estonia’s Cultural Endowment and Gambling Tax Council. For more information about the project and future artists, visit

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