TYPA ResidencyArtist in residence

During the months of February and March TAiR is hosting a printmaker from the United Kingdom. Charlotte Biszewski is a Bristol based installation artist, puppeteer and print-maker. Her practice explores narratives expressed through artist books, interactive installations and collaborative prints. She is currently exploring how books interact with digital technologies – investigating the lines between traditional processes, organic materials, craft and new practices which are emerging. This practice revolves her interest in the object as a symbol for home, looking at how we use objects to ornate our houses, the comfort of what we carry with us, how they share memories and the material expressions of who we are.

During the residency she will be collecting memories and stories from the citizens of Tartu. Finding the celebration in the ordinary she intends to explore ways to embed these voices into print. She plans to create an installation of expanded prints which reflect Tartu and the Estonian language. Playing with contemporary tools and materials, such as alongside the traditional setting of the Paper and Print Museum she will experiment with water-sensitive and conductive inks. The Tartu residency will be an experimentation into how print can be combined with different materials and translated through different processes. She will be finding ways to celebrate these interweaving stories which make up the city of Tartu.

Charlotte’s website can be found here:

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