TYPA's Linocut Contest is a yearly event, celebrating Estonian and international printmakers of all ages. Every year we invite artists from all over to take part by submitting their linocut printed artworks into our exhibition. Submission of works has ended for this year's contest.

2023, a new year, a new theme.

We are proud to announce that our theme for 2023 will be: Movement

Movement can be interpreted as going from one location to another, for example by walking or driving. It can mean engaging in sports, but also travelling – how and by what means one has been able to move and where one has arrived. And as Museum Night added to its wording of their this year’s theme: “Movement makes it possible to talk about the path to goals, or rather the mystery of a night in the museum – when something gently starts moving in the exhibition hall.”. The only limit of defining the topic is your imagination!

This year we will choose 5 winners from the following categories:

  • Grand Prix  – selected by the artists’ committee
  • Youth Prize – selected by the editors of Värske Rõhk magazine
  • Public’s Prize – selected on the Museum Night at TYPA on the 20th of May and through online vote
  • TYPA Special Prize – selected by the TYPA team
  • Pressing Matters Special Prize – selected by John Coe, creative director and founder of the magazine.

Fill out  this form to submit your work.
Submitting your works is free of cost.

The deadline for submitting artworks is March 31st, 2023.

See the works submitted to this year’s contest here.


Linocut Contest 2023 Terms and Conditions

The first Linocut Contest started in 2016 as a small local contest aimed to popularize, teach and celebrate the art of linocut. The number of participants has been growing each year as well as the number of countries where to works have been sent. In six years, TYPA’s Linocut Contest has received more than 250 works from more than 20 countries around the world.

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