TYPA ResidencyArtist in residence

At Eksperimentaaltootmine, Aparaaditehas

November 17th at 18:00, everyone is welcome to join and meet our current artists in residence: Aina Ferrer from Spain and an Estonian Canadian Eva Ennist.

Aina Ferrer, who will be in Tartu only for 20 days, will present her 2 week project “We prefer confusion”. Aina holds a degree in fine arts from Universitat de Barcelona. Currently she’s studying at Barcelona Academy of Art where she’s also working as a teacher of drawing. Although Aina has studied and developed her skills abroad, TAIR is her first official residency program. During the first weeks of November, she will work on 6 large pieces with charcoal and ink on paper. The topic of her explorations is the human nature which she wishes to represent by using bodily fluids as metaphors. Aina herself describes the project “We prefer confusion” as follows:

It is an approach to some dualities in our behaviour that are closely related to our nature. I am mainly talking about responsibilities towards the world, and how we relate to them. The vehicle I choose to explore are the body fluids, which are actively taking two different roles in our bodies.

Eva Ennist is an artist an arts educator, who joined the residency program to investigate and build on her strong Estonian roots. Eva uses mixed media techniques and in Tartu she uses old work gloves that used to belong to her mother as the medium. Eva will continue working until the end of November but she will also give a sneak peek of her project.

Snacks will be served, but bring your own drinks.

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