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After making a selection based on our open call, we find that there are openings in the schedule that we would like to offer in the form of a pop-up residency. It is a form of an artistic sojourn which gives the possibility to anyone who is interested in concentrating on their artwork in a different scenery. Please note that since we have already planned our budget, the artist’s contribution is somewhat higher for pop-up residencies. Unlike the typical residency program, pop-up residencies do not have a formal application process. Instead, artists are selected on a ‘first come, first served’ basis.

In 2019, Tartu Artist in Residence offers one opportunity for a Pop-up Residency during December 2019. The artist will have the opportunity to work, live and find new inspiration in the scenic city of Tartu for the period of one month.

Pop-up Residencies are open to artists from all creative disciplines. Based on the applications from artists, we try to tailor each residency to meet the requirements of the project. Our main areas of competence however, are printmaking and visual arts. For pop-up residencies there is no formal application process: artists are selected on a ‘first come, first served’ basis.


Studio spaces

Tartu Artist in Residence is offering two possible studio spaces. Artists can either work at Tartu Artists’ Union or at Studio Tartuensis (Print & Paper Museum) printmaking studio.

Tartu Artists’ Union (Tartu Kunstnike Liit) is an umbrella organization for visual artists and art professionals. The union has an art house for exhibitions and events, and in the same building there is a bright and spacious “empty box” studio available for the Tartu Artist in Residence program. Equipment is available on request and there is free internet connection. The studio is private. Website:


Studio Tartuensis (Printing & Paper Museum) is an independent organization for printmaking and letterpress. The studio hosts a collection of letterpress equipment, typefaces and other printhouse machinery from mid-19th to late 20th century.

Facilities for the artist to use at the freshly renewed rooms of Studio Tartuensis include an intaglio press A2+, several letterpress presses up to A1, gilding presses, A1 scissors, a stack cutter, binding presses; variety of offset papers and recycled papers, offset oil based inks, excellent for relief printing both on linoleum and letterpress; both water as well as oil based intaglio inks; plastic sheets for drypoint; PVC for linocuts; all sorts of chemicals for etching; ca 50 cases of woodblock letters, from 2 em to 10 em in size, mostly grotesque; ca 40 cases of metal type letters from 10 pt to 72 pt, various typefaces; a chaotic assortment of clichés starting from 1920’s to late 1980’s, tea and coffee facilities. The studio is shared. Website: &

Please not that the photos below are from the former rooms of the Printing Museum.



Artists will be accommodated in private apartments located in the lively heart of Tartu, just a stone’s throw away from the main square, right next to the historical St. John’s Church. Most shops are within 5 minutes walking distance.

The apartments are fully furnished with equipped kitchenette, bathroom with toilet and shower, living room with a sofa, desk and a bedroom. Wi-Fi is also available in the apartments and there is access to a washing machine and vacuum cleaner. Tartu Artist in Residence has 2 artist’s apartments available.

Apartment 1:

Lutsu 16-31

Apartment 2:

Terms and Conditions

Tartu Artist in Residence agrees to:

  • Welcome the artist and provide a personal introduction to the local art and social scene
  • Promote the residency project using social media and TAiR web page
  • If desired and if a space is available, work with the artist toward a public outcome (e.g. workshop, artist talk, short exhibition)
  • Provide accommodation and studio space for the duration of one month
  • Provide a production budget of up to € 50

The artist agrees to:

  • Pay a residency fee of € 600
  • Acknowledge Tartu AiR in the publications connected to any particular works of art created during the residency
  • Contribute to the development of Tartu AiR program and promote it by available means
  • Cover the following expenses:
  1. Travel expenses
  2. Studio space (Studio Tartuensis studio € 250, Artists’ Union studio € 80)
  3. Per diems
  4. Additional production costs


Applications will be taken into consideration on a first come, first served basis. To apply, please send your (English) CV, portfolio and short project proposal to Don’t forget to include your preferred month and studio space. We will get back to you as soon as possible! If you have any questions or concerns, you can also contact us there.

More information:

Salme Kulmar

TAiR coordinator
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