TYPA ResidencyArtist in residence

Peter Vance is an multidisciplinary artist from the United Kingdom. He draws inspiration from the various transmissions of data and notably by the earliest type of computer program from 1801. The program was created for the Jacquard Loom device and formed a binary code to tell the loom what to weave.

Peter intends to combine weaving and binary code and introduce them to the discipline of painting. He plans to create paintings in such a way that the marks/information in them can be molded or recycled into new forms through an objective process. To do this, he will use a makeshift canvas; composed of a single length of string woven onto itself to form a grid. After painting a recognizable image onto the grid, the artist can unweave the canvas to be left with a single piece of string – which has all the marks on it required to create the original image.

The stained string from this process will form the basis of future works: It could be wrapped around itself or another object to create a sculpture, it could be woven in a different way to produce an abstract image, or it could become the basis of a musical score.

With this in mind, the project takes an unconventional approach to the theme of
‘Building Bridges’. „In thinking of a bridge as a form of link or connection, the project
builds a series of works that are all tied together by the data derived from the original

Peter’s earlier artwork:

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