TYPA ResidencyArtist in residence

The Printing Museum balcony gallery 28. October – 06. November 2016

Hungarian printmaker and graphic designer Zsófia Sztranyák invites all to her exhibition about how parallel senses compete to influence our decision-making processes and how that contributes to our perception of our hometown of Tartu.

The artworks presented have been created using different techniques — etching, object, collage and intermedia — and they all present a duality in their design. By introducing the objects in pairs, Zsófia creates an interplay between the senses with different colors, sizes and materials. Because of this playfulness, one of the works in each parallel pair will inevitably feel “truer” than the other.

In this manner the artist is emulating our daily decision-making process that is based on a variety of signals, some of which instinctively feel more true than others. Without exactly knowing why this is so, our decisions can be significantly influenced by subjective momentaneous impulses rather than evidence-based knowledge.

The ultimate question that Zsófia arrives to is that of the order of things. While what we consider to be a primary influence can easily be sidestepped by emotional impulses, ideologies and social norms, so can the hierarchies that postulate something as being the first or the second, be undermined an unraveled at closer scrutiny.

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