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On the 31st of January at 19:00, the Finnish hula hoop master Henna Lapinlampi will wrap up her one month residency and present a hoop dance act „Ovalo“. The performance will take place at Genialistide Klubi.

Henna started developing her skills as a contemporary hoop dancer in 2006. Previously, she used to be active in the fire dancers community. In search for new visual expression, Henna discovered hoop dancing, got swept away and decided to dedicate herself to it. Through hula hoop she creates a unique mixture of dance, art, movement and sound. Henna says that the plastic circle has taken her around the world.

During her one month residency, Henna has developed a hoop dance act that will be shared with the public only on the evening of the 31st of January.
Undoubtedly Henna’s performance will be engaging, unique and charmingly bizarre. She is the first international master to perform in Tartu in this specific field. If you’re already curious, then have a look at her page:
Henna Matanuska – MataHoops

The performance lasts up to 15 minutes after which Henna wishes to communicate with the audience, who is invited to ask questions and share their thoughts concerning Henna’s art.

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