TYPA ResidencyArtist in residence
static1.squarespace.comMy work originates from the idea of travel and a changing landscape. I create work that stems from the need for freedom and the innate desire to be somewhere else. This concept has lead me to create a fictional world within my work embodying a “somewhere else” Imagery based on an internal and external landscape plays with the ambiguous and concealed. I am strongly influenced by works of fiction and the landscapes depicted within them, restless wandering and bohemian feelings inform the imagery within the work. Movement, flux and changes of heart are at the core of my imagination.

I will spend my time in Tartu exploring the unique relationship of language and books within my work. I will source literature, words and stories from both home and Tartu as a point of departure to creating my own visual narrative. I will recycle and reimagine these words in order to further explore their value through contemporary printmaking. I will be working within the printmaking workshop and paper factory, with the use of letterpress, relief, intaglio and mixed media I will create a number of hand printed books.

Landscape and the exploration of my new surroundings will also aid in informing the visual imagery of the printed books. When we move from one place to another we carry elements of our home within us, we remember, we imagine and we reinvent traces left from our environment.

Scenes, colours and conversations gain new meaning in distant surroundings. The imagination in flux can provide an intimate insight into our surroundings. I will play with landscape, culture and colour to create a narrative which presents a sensory truth of place and time from our respective cultures.

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