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We would like to invite you along on an adventure. An adventure which carried an illustrator from Canada all across the world to this tiny-tiny country of Estonia, where her grandmother was once born. This illustrator, whose name is Ashley by the way, had heard stories of this strange land since she was a little girl. Dreaming of the mysterious Northern Lights, she secretly drew pictures of it and tried to imagine what life must have been like over there. But not never could she have expected what it is like to spend a Midsummer’s Night on the Hiiumaa beaches.

This is a rare story where Ashley discovered that the reality of Estonia is more than her dreams. In a word — enchanting. As these enchanted winds were blowing Ashley around the country and the island of Hiiumaa, she nevertheless managed to hold on to a sheet of paper for a sail and a pen as a mast to chart and chronicle her journey as it unfolded.

And to this end, Ashley cordially would like to invite all to travel with her as she presents her illustrations of what she saw and experienced during this one month in Estonia. There will be an exhibition of drawings and sketches after which Ashley will serve sandwiches to the weary travelers in the Aparaaditehas pocket park, and Mr. Gutenberg from the Printing Museum will bring out some light drinks from his deep cellars.

See you on the coming Sunday July 2nd  at 16:00 in the Printing Museum Balcony gallery and Aparaaditehas pocket park. For the picnic, please register by email

Ashley’s magical travels were made possible by the Tartu Artist in Residence program, partly financed by the City of Tartu.

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