TYPA ResidencyArtist in residence

03.12.2015 | 20.00 | Sõbra 16, Tartu

Alaskan artist Tamara Wilson has arrived in Tartu for a one month residency and she brought the snow with her! To honour the tradition, she will also make a delicious dinner and talk about her life, work, and the fact that there are no penguins in Alaska. As Thanksgiving is close, we have dragged two other Americans into this to prepare a traditional American Thanksgiving dinner! So come join us on Thursday the 3rd of December and meet Tamara, while enjoying delicious food!

Please hit attending as soon as possible on the facebook event, so we can estimate the amount of food. Please refrain from hitting attending if you are not actually attending, to avoid indigestion.

Also bring € 3 and your own drinks!

Read up more about Tamara: and


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