TYPA ResidencyArtist in residence

Aina Ferrer is a young artist and art educator from Spain. She holds a degree in fine arts from the Barcelona Academy of Art where she is also currently working as a teacher of drawing. While Aina has studied and developed her skills also abroad, TAIR is her first official residency program.

During the month of November, Aina will work to complete 6 large pieces with charcoal and ink on paper. The topic of her explorations is the human nature, which she wishes to represent by using bodily fluids as metaphors. Aina herself describes her project:

I use the body fluids as a nexus to our most intimate anatomy, because they keep us alive, they nourish us but can also cause some serious illnesses. They drain everything indistinguishably, good or bad, feelings of bonding or rancor.


At the end of her residency period, Aina will present her works to the audience in Tartu. Meanwhile, you can see some of her current works in her online portfolio at

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