TYPA ResidencyArtist in residence

The Hungarian artist Zsófia describes her emotions in Tartu:

In the beginning my ideas were formless and desolate in total darkness, time didn’t exist. I collected impressions, formless immaterialites, flashes, gestures, facial features.

Beyond the first week, beyond the first friendships and beyond the first encounter with nature i slowly peeled the first layer of a town called Tartu. And there were light: yellow, ocher, steelgray, oxid red, black iron, azure..and white birch. There were forms: lots of dense, wooden houses, nice mix of people, cast iron machines and of course a bunch of crows. Now, on the 12th day, i’m sitting in my studio and give all these things a form, a soul.

So these is how i started my life in Tartu and i’m really exicted about the remaining lovely days i will have here.




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